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Heating boiler
Get your boiler ready for winter with a full service for only £70 + VAT

Does my boiler need a service?

It is easy to forget about your boiler in the warmer months, but here are some reasons why you should have an annual boiler service:

1.Safety - Most importantly, your boiler should be checked for carbon monoxide leaks.

2.Long-term savings on repairs - Annual servicing will ensure the health of your boiler, reducing the risk of unexpected repairs and increasing its life span.

3.Efficiency - Your boiler will perform more efficiently and reliably if it is serviced regularly, saving you money on your heating bills.

After you've booked your first appointment with us, we will send you annual reminders before your next boiler services are due.


If your boiler breaks down, you can contact us 24 hours a day, even if you're a new customer. We will arrange to send out one of our qualified engineers, who will diagnose the fault and provide a no obligation quotation for repair. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and all quotations will include parts and labour.
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